The Adventures of Frankie More
       PIANO Book One
B. T. Brunelle
New Pages Publishing
ISBN:  1-4499-9817-8
235 pages
B.T. Brunelle has written a children’s/young adult fantasy novel that is full of description, adventure, and contradictions. ‘Frankie’s Fantastic Piano is a story about a journey through time where friends are made.  Frankie learns what life is all about with a friend  Frankie More Frankie's Fantastic Piano named Fantravis.  Frankie More is a pianist and Fantravis is one ‘fantastic piano’.  Book One is an adventure back to the 18th century and Frankie meets his all time idol after the adventure begins.
‘Frankie’s Fantastic Piano’ is one of contradictions as well as adventure that starts out early in the story with introducing the characters E Vel Cruelle and Scarsdale along with his friend Fantravis when sneaking through the mansion.  Frankie learns a lot about his profession when he sees how his instrument, the piano, has evolved over the centuries with all the styles to the composers of the time.  My favorite lines of this story actually occur at the end of the book–“With regard to time, try to remember this.” “Fantravis said, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And Today is a gift. That is why we call it the Present.”  We, the readers, can all take this advice for it will fit children, teens, and adults and all the choices we make during our lives.  Another favorite part that deals with all the description B. T. Brunelle exhibits was on page 203 the way she sets the scene and what happens.  Chapter 32 is a chapter that explains how past, present, and future can work together to solve issues.
This is a novel that could be used in a middle school English/Language Arts curriculum to introduce the humanities and maybe even ethics as well.  This is a book that will also teach how to use description in a good way that makes learning social skills more fun as the characters seem to do. ‘Frankie’s Fantastic Piano’ is a five star read for all ages.

Book Summary


Full of music, magic, monsters and mystery, Frankie’s Fantastic Piano (Book one of The Adventures of Frankie More series) is an action-packed adventure story about a daring young boy who sneaks into a forbidden mansion, where spell-binding melodies can be heard playing even when no one is around. What happens on the cold moonlit night when he attempts to unlock the doors to that music and uncover secrets that are centuries old? Does he have what it takes to survive the hair raising, blood curdling dangers lurking in every shadow and awaiting him at every turn? Find out for yourself when you join him on an exciting journey through time and space, where the past is present and the future is unknown.

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