Splat The Cat…He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack ( for Halloween )

 splat    Splat The Cat: What Was That?
What more do you need in a children’s Halloween book? Black Cats, Halloween,Haunted Houses Ooooooooooooooooooooooo! What’s that Splat gotten himself into now? If your child is a fan of this silly black cat they wont be disappointed
C’mon Splat don’t be a Scaredy-Cat . Did you know Splat has pet mouse? Well that mouse (Seymour)went and got himself lost in a haunted house. Splat needs the support of his pal Spike to “bravely” venture into the house to save Seymour. It’s typical Splat and the kids will enjoy it.All kinds of spooky surprises inside.For younger kids with flaps to lift to see whats inside. Dont worry its not really all that “Scary”,,,

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  1. This sounds like SUCH a cute book. My son, the cat lover, would adore it.

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