The Little Bear Who Wanted to Fly is a big 14″x 11″ beautifully Illustrated Picture book. Illustrated by an Artist by the name of Rachel Smith the pictures alone make this book worth checking out.Full of cute furry animals this book will keep any child interested. Obviously as the title tells you this picture book is all about a little Bear that we will call Cubby, What’s Cubby want? Well he wants to FLY. Now we all know bears can’t fly. Can they? I guess we’ll just have to see.Bear-400w

This is exactly the sort of book you get to sit down and read with your little Grand Daughter on your lap. Watch their eyes examine the colorful pages filled with little animals running and playing in the Forest.All while you read her the story of the little bear that has a dream.The author did a great job with her examples of studying a problem and coming up with a solution.(Even if it doesn’t work)

So Cubby goes about his business with what he thinks is a perfectly logical solution. As he does his little animal friends have absolutely no idea what he has up his sleeve (metaphorically speaking) bears don’t really have sleeves.

The-Bear-Who-Wanted-to-Fly-by-Carol-Shaver-804x1024In the end what Cubby learns and hopefully the children will too is that good friends support each other in their individual quest and succeed or fail they’ll always be there for you.Whether it’s your best  friend that lives next door or a couple of  inquisitive  little squirrels living in the next tree over.You can always count on your best buddies to help you achieve that DREAM

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About the Illustrator

Rachel Smith lives in Northern California. She spends her time making books featuring cynical little animals,Hula dancing and get this Swimming as a Professional Mermaid of all things in Sacramento.

Author Carol Shaver has been telling stories since her days a one-room schoolhouse, in Smartville, CA. Her story telling continued as a Mother making up stories for her Daughter Jean Marie. Before she knew it at the young age of   70, her plans for the next 25 years are to write and write some more fun-filled adventures to share with children of all ages.


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