T h e  P r i n c e s s  a n d  t h e

                            C h o c o l a t e C a s t l e

A Bi-Lingual Children’s Book

  Stories  inspired by The author’s (Marisol Rodriguez)  daughters love of chocolate .One day in conversation her Daughter told her that she didn’t read her bedtime stories as a child and though she didn’t read her bedtime stories, she had created adventures of the Princess and the Chocolate Castle. This discussion inspired Marisol to publish and share with all the other chocolate princesses of the world

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Chocolate castleThe Princess and the Chocolate Castle is a story in English and Spanish about a lonely Princess who lived in a chocolate castle looking for someone to share her chocolate with. Now my  thought is how hard could that be?
Not only is this a cute story but the Book also includes Princess Nayaleena’s favorite, easy to make chocolate recipes. English and Spanish translations are on the same page.
Recognizing that our children need to see more multi-cultural and a bilingual book with characters that represent them, The author’s first book incorporates English and Spanish translations on the same page. Installing Bilingual fictional reading entices the imagination giving power of creation while practicing a second language.  The city children can not only relate to her but also enjoy story-time filled with arts, crafts, and chocolate treats.
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A Latina born and raised in a one block radius in Passaic, NJ, Marisol had an amazing childhood with the neighboring children whom she remains friends with till this day. Then life happens, everyone grows up and go on their merry way.  As an adult and in her very little spare time she was able to start Marisola hobby that became a rewarding passion.
With the lively imagination from her daughter, niece, and nephews, and their passion for reading it was a very easy process to bring her daughter’s made-up childhood stories to life.
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