The Smith Family Secret is a Magical new beginner Chapter book.First in a new series by Alison Potoma very nicely Illustrated by Sarah Lynne Reul.
Sitting in his Room one day young Cardiff Smith discovered completely by accident not only his “talent” but the Family secret. Previously only Dad knew about the Secret.It seems Cardiff has the ability to create whatever he wants simply by drawing a picture on a piece of paper.All he has to do is sign it and wish it to be.After talking with Dad Cardiff learns smithhis Mother had the same ability.Unfortunately Mom mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier.
At first this seems pretty awesome to Cardiff until of course dad starts to explain to him the ramifications of his special magical talent.Ignoring Dad’s warnings to control himself He starts down a path he should not take.
It’s a book that has a very strong message of Family and how siblings should interact with each other.With an older cool Brother and a little Sister to support him along with dad’s guidance Cardiff struggles on.In book two I think we might learn a bit more if what happened to Mom and of course the secret.
Very readable and well written for the young reader and they should enjoy it.Book two has just come out – look for book two The Lonely Gibbon
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The Smith Family Secret books one and two


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