Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue  Volume one to KidVenture
Steve Searfoss

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Teach your kids about business and economics in a fun, meaningful way and inspire them to be entrepreneurs.

We all need to feel grown up and get a job that teaches us the many varied skills that we need to Books For Kid Entrepreneurssurvive in this world.  Steve Searfoss authored ‘Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue’ as the first in a series of books that teach such skills.  This volume teaches readers the various math skills it takes to run a business and become Kid Entrepreneurs .

With the characters of Chance, Addie and Larry and they will learn the essence of working and earning a living.  Each of these characters gain a little independence in their decision-making and communication skills in working together in their Kid venture.  The characters each want something and have to figure a way to get what they want and learn from their father as well in how to solve some problems.

‘Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue’ is a great book that Teach your kids about business . It teaches the necessary skills that some upper elementary and middle school students will need to learn if they are to follow in Chance’s steps.  The readers will learn some basic in’s and out’s of running a business . From how to advertise and market the business and how to deal with human relations. Even the necessary math and yes even some accounting skills that are needed at times.

The readers will learn that you may not be able to get everything or do everything you want at a particular time.  It is also a book that teaches some interpersonal skills.  Steve has placed a few questions at the end of each chapter to be answered and each of the answers from the first set will be added to with each subsequent set of questions.  This series of books will be good for practicing language skills as well as mathematical concepts.  The way he wrote and set up the story makes me want to go back and practice my math

In Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue,

Chance Sterling launches a pool cleaning business over the summer. Join Chance as he looks for new customers. As he discovers how much to charge them, takes on a business partner, recruits an employee, deals with difficult clients, and figures out how to make a profit. He has twelve weeks to reach his goal. Will he make it? Only if he takes some chances.

KidVenture stories are business adventures where Kid Entrepreneurs figure out how to market their company, understand risk, and negotiate. Each chapter ends with a challenge, including business decisions, ethical dilemmas and interpersonal conflict for young readers to wrestle with. As the story progresses, the characters track revenue, costs, profit margin. Also other key metrics which are explained in simple, fun ways that tie into the story.

ISBN:  9781672411417
118 pages

When was the last time you spoke to your kids about money and budgeting? Some parents never have financial discussions around the children. 

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