The Stumps of Flattop Hill 

                                                                            or The Curious Flower girl of the Town Down Below

A Story by Kenneth Kit Lamug

They dared, declared that Florence was scared, to enter the house on Flattop Hill.”

Going camping soon? Do you like cool spooky ghost stories for the Dark Night by the Campfire? Well then stop looking because I found it. At the very least remember this one at Halloween because you know ghost stories are perfect for that time of year.Author Kenneth Kit Lamug has not only written but also has done a great job illustrating this new and scary Ghost Story children’s book. Although I think it will go over better read stumpsaloud at night it’s definitely a good one. I love the dark spooky artwork to go along with this rhythmic story. This story is quite a bit different from other. I kind of like the fact that the author *SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* doesn’t feel the need to have everyone live happily ever after.

Deservedly so The Stumps of Flattop Hill  has been awarded the 2016 Children’s Classic Literary Seal of Approval in the Preschool/Early Reader Category. Although I don’t really think a preschooler could read this. Some of the wording might be a little above their heads.

The story you see is about a little Girl, Florence . Florence is dared to visit the spooky looking house at the top of the hill. After a while she musters the courage and starts her adventurous trek. Along the way Among other things are Ghost and walls that whisper but she finally reaches her destination. What happens next is up to the imagination of the reader…




Kenneth Kit Lamug is an author and illustrator based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to the U.S. with his parents and siblings in 1996. As a child, He was always fascinated by art & storytelling, often creating comics from waste paper grabbed from copy

 Kenneth Lamug
Kenneth Lamug

machines. In 2010 he   self-published his first picture book A BOX STORY .As husband and father of three rabble rousing boys, he work in web development and enjoy all things




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