No it’s not about Thanksgiving turkeys{that would be “Gobblers”)
Poor Herbie, his new home is a space station hurdling through space at the speed of light.Being the only kid within several Star systems,whats a kid to do? Lonely and bored Herbie builds a few robot friends while his parents and the rest of the crew shoo him away and ignore him.Yes every kid has been there right?All they want is a little attention and for someone to play with.So with the adults too “busy” for him off he goes exploring and what he finds is quite interesting not only to him but the adults(if they would only listen to him)gobblings
A very colorful nice hard cover book.With funny looking pictures of the “Gobblings” I really think pre-school age kids will like the colorful pages and the story behind it.Written in easy to read language at about a 7-10 age level.
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What will make it interesting for the kiddies is that they’ve all been there.MOM! I’m bored there’s nothing to do.As they get told to go play and amuse themselves.In the end they’ll see Herbie as the hero of the day and may just feel that they could be heroes too.Could be a bit frightening for younger children that don’t like things that lurk in the night so maybe not a bedtime book for them. The Illustrations are fantastic and they should definitely appeal to everyone.
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