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Nonsense and No Sense and Somewhere in Between

Nonsense And No Sense And Somewhere In Between – A Whimsical journey with poems by Cindi Walton ; a Book Review


A book of poem’s Really?  For kids no less? While I am a fan of poetry and rhyming books ( Dr. Seuss) a book of actual poems geared toward kids I wasn’t all that sure of.

But this book Nonsense and No Sense and Somewhere in Between is just what it says. “A Whimsical Journey”

Each and every poem in this collection has a hidden or maybe not so hidden message in it and with a question or two or a suggested activity at the end by the author to get the kids thinking.

A way with word’s Cindi certainly has and my favorite selection aptly titled Confusion is (at the risk of Blasphemy) I’d say is a cross between Dr. Seuss and George Carlin, Yeah I said it.Both these dudes were master words smiths or is it wordsmiths?      ( they would probably know.)The way she makes you think of this crazy English language pretty cool.

I would totally recommend this book to read to or have your kids read to themselves.

I don’t usually include any type of excerpt in the reviews I do but bear with me…


So and sew,do and dew

It confuses me,how about you?

New and knew,what do we do?

Do we use to or two or the other one two?

Read rhymes with seed and read rhymes with bed

All these words were hurting my head

“Be patient and try,” my dear mother said

“You’ll figure it out, now of to bed”


There are twelve more lines to this poem ( I don’t want to give it all up right now) there is a total of 19  poems all filled with Nonsense and no sense in this fun book and as you can see she makes you think,With titles like Spaghetti the Yeti , A Kettle of Fish and Marmalade Stew.  and of course Nonsense   it’s a lot of fun.

This book is 50 pages


and available at The Bookroom
For more on the author visit Whimsicalwords publishing

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  1. I love the excerpt! And now I can’t wait to read more!
    Thanks for sharing on Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  2. What a great idea. Poetry is tough to present to kids, but poems with hidden messages would be unique and enjoyable for kids. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheryl, Hop Hostess

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