Super STOLIE Family in Harmony:

                   Read-Along, Sing-Along Lyric Book



Super Stolie Family in Harmony
Rebecca Stoelinga (Stolie)
ISBN:  13: 978-1722827625
ISBN:  10: 1722827629
Stolie aka Rebecca Stoelinga wrote ‘Super Stolie Family in Harmony’ as a Read-Along, Sing-Along Lyric book that is bi-lingual. It is a collection of songs written and performed by her.  Stolie teaches through song and listeners and readers can also learn Spanish along with some musical words, Spanish instruments and other facts for other subjects.  A book to be used across the curriculum.  This is also a children’s book that came with a delightful CD (compact disc) to listen to and follow along in the book for I was even singing along with the songs.  The songs cover a wide array of emotions that could very well bring about memories for the listeners at times.  She has even created a few self-check quizzes in the book that could be used by music teachers as well as classroom teachers.  I could also see this book used by music therapists for all ages to introduce music and to help with memory skills.  A book of new ideas in learning music in a fun way.
My favorites were ‘The Whale Song’ and after listening to this one I listened to the recording of ‘Whale Song’ from the sixties and seventies.  Another song and game I liked was ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, doesn’t remember playing this game with friends to see who would go first in some activity.  The other one I really liked was ‘Little Black Bear’ and compare it to the old song ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain’.  Another aspect of this book I liked were the coloring pages she had done.  Stolie has a rhythm, beat, tone and melody that allows listeners to enjoy the music.  The lyrics are well written and easy to read and were understandable that could be read as poems.

Chicago-based children’s singer, Super Stolie, introduced her third album for families in 2015, and it is now available as a read-along, sing-along lyric book! Family in Harmony visualizes the world through the eyes of a dreamer, embracing the beauty, rhythm and harmony that colors everything we see and do. With a intentional literary focus in the songs’ compositions, the collection not only infuses healthy concepts, but also encourages proper pronunciation and amplifies articulation. These songs offer sweet and moral objectives: Whether the kids are floating with the current of “The River Down,” taking a lesson from the mischievous “Little Black Bear,” campaigning for all colors to be favored equally as a “Family in Harmony” or trying their own hand at “Rock Paper Scissors,” these 12 original songs will inspire a peaceful happiness to every moment of every day


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