55610fbf5d1e166de1523cfc3d77a157This is an unique cookbook written by a social worker, who is also a therapist that works with kids and adults.  This is not your average cook.  This cookbook does have many recipes but the cookbook talks about specific recipes for your emotional wellness and for the wellness of the people you cook for.  In this cookbook, you will find recipes divided up among your different “Archetypes” which are categories that people tend to fall into that express human behavior and your emotions.  The author points out that there are certain foods that will nourish and nurture that archetype.  The Archetypes that are discussed in this cookbook are: the innocent, wounded child, the Caregiver, the explorer, the lover, the artist, the fool and the healer.

There are numerous types of recipes for each archetype.   You can find recipes as Chicken Burger Shepherd’s pie,  Cinnamon Raisin bread for feeding the wounded.  The wounded child is when you feel down, wounded, alone or afraid.  The author states that at this time, you want to be comforted and eat comfort food.  There is the Warrior:  when we are in the midst of battles in our lives, either at home, work, within ourselves as with addictions, chronic pain or trouble sleeping.  The author states at this time, you need quality, well-prepared foods to be strong enough for these battles.  These are foods with protein and vegetables with some carbs.  You can find broccoli cheddar soup,  Chicken salad wraps with spinach and provolone or as sausage and peppers in the oven.  The cookbook continues with describing each archetypes and has recipes that are good for that archetypes.
Cooking for Emotional Wellness on Amazon

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This cookbook is one to consider buying or looking at.  This is not you average cookbook, but instead has a collection of recipes that deal with different emotions or archetypes that you face.  Another plus is that this cookbook is written by a social worker/therapist who has the knowledge and experience of these different archetypes and with providing therapy to people that experience these different archetypes.  Another thing that I like about this book is that there is a mixture of different recipes:  some healthy foods and then some not so healthy foods.  The author recognizes that everyone may crave some chocolate or a dessert sometimes.  Consider buying this book to go along with your collection of cookbooks.  Your other cookbooks will have the recipes, but if you are having a bad day, you can pick up this cookbook and find just the recipe for your mood!Cooking for Emotional Wellness on Amazon

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