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One of my husband’s favorite things to do in the springtime is to look around and dream up new landscaping ideas or things to do with your yard to enhance the aesthetics around us. We spend a lot of time each year looking garden fountains and trying to decide whether to invest in a really nice one for our garden or flower area. I continue to see friends houses and others that have really nice fountain setups and I get a bit jealous.

A really nice one not only looks good but the soothing sound of the water trickling down is very relaxing. At our last house, we had a fish pond area with an elaborate fountain filter and we enjoyed sitting on a park bench out next to it and just watching the fish and listening to the water filter through and trickle along.

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A waterfall fountain seems like the way to go. Every time I see one I think to myself that that would look nice in my yard or garden. There is not much more relaxing piece than a very soothing and cool waterfall style fountain.

While we often talk about things like that to add to our yard and the gardens, we practically tend to be people that do more with our indoor setup. This is why I think indoor fountains are more likely the way we would go if we do decide to invest in a nicer piece. There are lots of styles and shapes and sizes around that would fit neatly into the corner of our living room, or perhaps as a nice addition to our basement living space.

Regardless of which we we decide to go if we do get a fountain, we are likely going to invest a bit more to get something nice. There seems to be little point to buy a piece that will easily break or that is not that nice looking.

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