Stoned   (Mudfish fiction series#1)

                                            Jill Hoffman

 A Review by Mark GrahamOh, what one can see through rose-colored glasses.  Jill Hoffman has written ‘Stoned’ the first in a series of mudfish fiction.  This is the story of a woman named Maud Diamond and her children, boyfriend and stoneda few other types of friends that one may come in contact with in an artistic community.  Maud thinks that she needs marijuana to fit in and understand what she needs to do, but there is always something that needs attention in one’s living life it is just how to figure out how. Jill Hoffman has written a novel that depicts pretty well what living in a ‘purple haze’ will do a person and their family as well as in other relationships like Maud and Kazimir and her ex-husband.  Jill shows by the cover art what Maud looks like and will make you wonder why smoking in a purple haze is even done.  This is to me a novel that will bring some understanding maybe how doing drugs or alcohol will not bring clarity to what is happening to you or anyone involved.  I think this would be a good piece of writing to use in anaddiction counseling

Stoned is about Maud Diamond, a 40-year-old woman with two children who is getting a divorce. She has had a colossal disappointment (having been jilted by a famous artist) and falling in love with a poor unknown artist (Kazimir Noble) assuages the disappointment but leads to other ills. The small son leaves home to live with his father; the daughter does phone sex from their new home. “I’m the only one in this house earning any money,” she shouts. It is about starting a literary journal called Wild Leek with the new boyfriend and moving downtown, while their relationship spirals downward from her pot-smoking and his alcoholism. It is for anyone who has been in love or lost love, been married, divorced, or lonely. It is about the satisfaction and deprivations of sex and drugs.

About the Author

Jill Hoffman is an American poet, Guggenheim Fellow, writer, magazine publisher, editor, and painter. She is also the mother of author Jennifer Belle, famous for being a breakout star in the literary world with the release of her debut novel Going Down. Both have autobiographical novels set to be released soon about a particular time in their lives together. This literary rivalry has thrown a rift between them, and now the only place they are together is on the page.

2022/2023ISBN:  978-1-893654-28-0Box Turtle Pressmudfishmag@aol.com265 pages

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