The Fox Forest Band

written by Lisa E. Lindman  Illustrated by Chanra Wheeler

fox ribbonNo matter where you go in this world there is always that one person ,the Bulling type that tries to spoil everyone’s fun. The kid on the School Bus or in School that hurls insults. Or maybe the big kid that picks on the younger smaller kids.

The Fox Forest Band is a clever and witty Children’s book that shows how a group of friends overcome the Bully among them. Written in Rhyme author Lisa E. Lindman shows kind of Metaphorically how things you hear can hurt you. In a Forest filled with Animals living happy animal lives an evil fog rolls in. It entered into the animals ears to whisper to them their greatest fears.

Now I may be wrong here but I see this fog representing the mean hurtful things that Bullies would say. We get to see how the foxanimals stick together and nullify the fog and basically nullifying the Bully. It’s a great lesson to learn and to teach young kids.

The book is actually very upbeat and fun,filled with cute little forest  animals . We have a Banjo playing Fox a Beaver on Flute a Tambourine for the Squirrel and we can’t forget a Spider on Triangle.The illustrations are beautiful and really bring the story and little forest animals alive.Very nice watercolors.

I love how this book teaches kids how to stand up to a bully in a cute and fun way – And it’s available in a nice big Hard Cover  The Fox Forest Band at Amazon



Since she was a child, Lisa Lindman has been writing stories and making up lisa lindmanworlds in her head. As the mother of a sweet toddler, she is all the more inspired as a children’s book author. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, daughter and their French bulldog, Sebastian. “The Fox Forest Band” is dedicated to her wonderful mom, who taught her to stand up for herself, no matter what. Lisa is working on her second rhyming forest book, to be released in 2016.
Chandra Wheeler created the whimsical watercolors of The Fox Forest Band. She is a children’s book illustrator, editor and author.chandra Wheeler Chandra lives in Denver happily illustrating and editing copy. The Fox Forest Band is her first book as an illustrator, but she has a series of baby board books soon to be released. When she’s not illustrating or writing, she’s most likely caring for her boys, two two-legged and one of the four-legged variety. You can visit her at
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