(Sky Riders of Etherium Book 2)



This is a story that reminds me of several other stories from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and even at times ‘The Narnia Chronicles’ in the descriptions of the characters and the descriptions of the physical surroundings of the countryside of this novel.  I really liked this novel.  Jeff Minerd and ‘The Wizard’s Daughter’ is a young adult book that will promote imagination in readers.
‘The Wizard’s Daughter’ is the story of Brieze and her journey to ‘find herself’ from being adopted and finding her ‘true self’.  Brieze and her ‘crew’ fight dragons and pirates on her journey of this world and finding truth that revolves from an old, red leather journal that was written long ago.  In writing this story Jeff Minerd sketched out a map of this world and as the story unfolds the reader can visualize the various surroundings of the characters.  The cover art gives the reader a sense of mystery having the major character of I assume Brieze standing over a dark green ground with a pirate ship in the background and it shows the mystery of what is coming. This is a first in a series to come and a compelling adventure.  The story could be told as a picture book as well in this reviewers mind for Jeff Minerd is a descriptive and detailed writer for this genre of literature. I am looking forward to the next book.




Sixteen-year-old Brieze is the apprentice and adopted daughter of a powerful wizard. She never met her biological father, a merchantman from the faraway Eastern Kingdoms who had a brief romance with her mother, then disappeared. When Brieze discovers her mother is still secretly, crazily in love with this man, even after seventeen years, she decides to find him, confront him, and get some answers from him for her mother’s sake.

In her small airship the Devious, she makes the long and dangerous journey to the Eastern Kingdoms. Along the way, she confronts pirates and the nocturnal ship-crushing beast known as the Nagmor. She survives a harrowing trip through the legendary Wind’s Teeth. She discovers why her father disappeared, and in the process she learns the true version of her own story.

When Brieze’s boyfriend, Tak, receives word she’s in danger, he sets out on his own journey east to help her. Will he be able to rescue her, or will she end up having to rescue him?



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