stephanie meyer

Here is a list of book suggestions from Stephanie Meyer to keep you busy until her new book comes out on August 2nd.  This list was published in this weeks People magazine.  Here are her comments.  What do you think of her list?  Have you read any of these books?   I haven’t and I’ve been wanting to try Neil Gaiman myself.  If you have read his books do you recommend Anansi Boys as one I should start with too?  I would love to hear your recommendations!

Microsoft Surface Book 3

Cover ImagePeople have been telling me for years to read him.  i finally listened.

Cover ImageFor the first time in five years, I’m not under a deadline.  Tolstoy is next up on my Kindle reader.

Cover ImageQuirky, funny and fascinating.

Cover ImageThis is what I’m reading to my kids at night, and we’re all enjoying it (for the second time)

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