il_570xN.625519120_5oqb Mommy Day Camp is a e-book by Diahana Barnes based upon “A Mommy Day Camp” that she developed for her kids.  She developed a camp brochure with different camp activities that each cost so many “Mommy Bucks”.  Mommy bucks were earned by doing different good deeds, chores, sharing, using manners and more.  She had her kids sign up physically for the camp, which she explained fostered a sense of commitment.  This book has different camp templates for you to use.  The book has many ideas of different activities: educational, arts and crafts, different outdoor activities and also features many recipes for the reader to try out.

This is a short and easy to read E-book that has many great ideas for you to start your own Mommy Camp.  The idea of a Mommy day camp is a genius idea.  Kids will get excited with the idea of earning Mommy dollars that allows them to spend them on the activities that interest them.  I think that Mommy dollars are a good idea because they teach kids about responsibility, sharing, using manners, and much more.  This book is a must read for parents!

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