Microsoft Surface Book 3

This book is part of the When I Grow UP  I Want to Be.. series.  This series inspires kids to think about different careers and about different professionals in our community.  In this book, a teacher gives the class a school project where each student have to research a career that they may like to do and then do a presentation and dress up as that professional.

Jake, a student in the class decides that he would like to be a solider in the army and chooses to do his presentation on a solider in the army!  Jake takes a trip to the Army Surplus store with his dad to get things that he can use to dress up as a solider in the army.  Jake’s dad was a solider in the army and teaches Jake all about the parts of the army uniform and talks about things that a solider does.  This book is very educational and explains why there are badges, pins, strips, patches or metals on the army uniform.  The book featured actual illustrations of the pins, badges, metals, etc.  The book had great pictures of the different army equipment, such as weapons, gas masks, helmets,  different army tanks, historic army units, different army ranks and much more.  The book teaches you a lot about the roles of the soldiers, their bravery, how they defended our country and how they are heroes that we look up to!  This is a recommended read for any boy or girl interested in knowing more about a solider’s role in our country and for any boy or girl thinking they may want to join the army when they grow up!



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