ISECAS the Dream Cat
It’s something many kids go through. Moving to a new city,town or even country.To go along with it is the new school.To be the new kid.To be torn away from the place you thought would be your home forever and the friends you’ve spent all your time with.If nothing else it can be a culture shock just moving from one city to the next.Not to mention from one country to another.When I was 13 I moved from L.A. California land of sunshine, built in pools , the surf of the Pacific to Upstate NY (WITH A CORNFIELD IN MY BACKYARD!)Well I got lucky I met some cool kids along the way and survived it all.

ISECAS the Dream Cat  is a short book of 43 pages about a young girl named Sahar.  She must cope with not only a new school but a new country.It can be very scary and lonely. Getting on the school bus with no one to sit with. Sitting in class unsure of yourself wondering and worrying  what the other kid’s are thinking.  With the help of a gift from her Aunt Sahar not only survives her ordeal but thrives. She learns a little about self-esteem and confidence. How to make friends,and maybe most importantly she learns to give people a chance and take the time to know and understand where they are coming from.

This is a great book for kids in this very position. It will help them understand what to do if they feel alone and scared. It’s not easy and they’ll know there really won’t  be a magical cat to help them but they will learn that its about self confidence and friendship. the illustration by Dixie Albanez is also excellent.  The bright ,bold colorful pictures do an excellent job conveying the children’s emotions.
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Preston Squire is an actor, author, blogger, and e-publisher in Toronto, ON. He has been writing about cute and cuddly characters saving the day, the world or the universe ever since he was a child. His work has appeared in newspaper, websites, blogs, magazines and comics over the years. His first book is Isecas The Dream Cat (part of the Dream Cats series). Preston also works with other author’s to help them achieve greater online success. He has three children, an amazing wife that puts up with him and a house-cat, named Isecas. For more information see:,,


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