My grand Daughter Alyssa was very (and still is) a very lucky little girl.I say this because when it was time for Mommy to go back to work NaNa (my wife “grandma”) stayed with her from the time she was 1 month old and now she still has NaNa waiting at the School Bus stop for her when she comes home from Kindergarten.Unfortunately not all children are that lucky. What’s this got to do with anything???? READ ON…How to find the best Nanny

BookCover_NannyAndMeWe have an excellent book for you folks today. Nanny and Me Written by Florence Ann Romano and very nicely Illustrated by Sydni Kruger. She has put together a book for children based on her experiences as a nanny.When the time comes for Mommy and Daddy to leave you and go off to work It can be pretty scary to have a stranger come into your house to stay with you. The author has done a very good job explaining in simple terms what kids can look forward to with a good Nanny.The fun they can have and how they can form attachments.Of course no one ever takes Mommy and Daddy’s place but Nanny and Me is a great little book to read to the kiddies to set them at ease when the time comes.It also might help Mommy a little. I really think the pictures help tell the story the Illustrator Sydni Kruger did a great job.The book is filled with things we did and still do with Alyssa.The zoo.Swimming lessons and of course lots of hugs. If you are thinking of talking to your kids about leaving them with someone Check this book out.on Amazon

Who is Florence Ann Romano (No relation to Sarah and Chuck Romano by the way)
She is a dedicated philanthropist and former nanny, Florence Ann Romano has always kept a special place in her heart for children.AuthorPhoto_FlorenceAnnRomano2

Florence started caring for kids before she was a teenager, and she shares those experiences in her first book for children and their parents. Mascot Books releases “Nanny and Me” in May 2015.Born and raised just outside Chicago, She earned a degree in performance theater at Bradley University in Peoria, IL.

Inspired by her younger brother, whom is autistic, she is the founder and president of a junior board that supports awareness for children, adults and families touched by Autism.

Here’s a few tips from Florence herself

Book Room Reviews Guest Post by Florence Ann Romano

4 Tips For Hiring A Nanny

To be young at heart is such a goal of mine – to always have the heart of a child, and the curiosity to accompany it. I may not have children of my own yet (one day, I hope!); but I have learned so much – regarding parenthood – through the eyes of the children for which I’ve cared; and, most importantly, from the parents themselves. Nanny and Me might technically be considered a “children’s book,” but I wrote it with more than just the child in mind…I wrote it for the parents, too.

Bringing a nanny into your family is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You are trusting someone to care for what you hold most precious; most priceless. How do you make that decision? Well, there’s no full-proof guarantee I can give you (as much as I wish I could!)…I can, however, share these “tips;” and they have always been considered my personal “commandments” as a nanny.

Nanny and Me promotes all of these strategies; but it’s presented in a fun, colorful and sweet way in order to entice and excite the child. I’m hoping you – the parent – have the same reaction, too!

1) Parents and the nanny have to be on the same page about everything. Right from the get-go, the parents and nanny must sit down and talk about family rules, routine, tolerance, discipline and expectations. This needs to be agreed upon before the nanny works with the children.

2) Hiring a nanny needs to be a family decision – whether between husband and wife, or between parents and the children. Everyone needs to interview with the nanny and make sure the energy is a good fit. Children are the BEST judge of energy and instinctive feelings. Let them help guide you – it will also ease the transition if they feel like you care about their opinions.

3) Make sure the nanny knows they are part of the family and respected. Of course, there is a professional demeanor that always must be maintained, but getting to know your nanny on a personal level is important. The parents need to know who their nanny is; what they’re about and how they came to be the people they are. The nanny, in turn, needs to know the family. Transparency – the level of which this is defined is up to you – is key. Mutual respect is of utmost importance. Children will take their cues from YOU.

4) Everything you do is done with the child in the forefront of your minds. It cannot be said enough. It’s not what’s best for you…it’s about the child.

.For more on Nanny and ME visit Florances Web Page and Facebook Page

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