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Well, all of us “Bookoholics” already know about book trailers.  For those of you that don’t, they are a visual description of a book.  Basically like a movie trailer.  Some of them are pretty good and well, some of them not so much.  I have posted some book trailers here on my site in the past.  Well, wouldn’t you know,  I found there is a website devoted just to book trailers.  You can rate the trailers that you view on a scale of one to five.  The name of the website is  I browsed around a bit and found myself drawn to the children’s books trailers.  I posted the one I liked below because I thought it was pretty clever.  It’s for the book Pond Scum by Alan SilberbergbspondscumWhat do you think?  Do the trailers make you want to buy the book?










  1. This trailer certainly did, Thanks for sharing it, and the website!

  2. The trailer is so cute. I’m gonna read it!

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