Application of Artificial Intelligence in Business


The future of the business environment will largely be controlled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is because of the positive impact the technologies will create in business. One of the applications of artificial intelligence in business is market analysis. Understanding the market is among the most critical business processes. It enables organizations to make better decisions in relation to the products and services that are being sold. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning enables organizations to better understand the market. Each day, thousands of reviews are given about products and services that are being sold. Most of these reviews are given online. Organizations make use of artificial intelligence to accurately correct the data from these reviews. Artificial intelligence systems can analyze this largely unstructured data and generate accurate reports. For example, a business organization can understand how the customers perceive its products and services based on the online mentions collected and analyzed by artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies

can also be used by organizations to improve the quality of products. In the modern business environment, customers are looking for quality products to meet their needs. During production, some products may not be able to meet the quality standards that have been set. Because many organizations engage in mass production, it becomes hard for these organizations to identify a product that does not meet the quality standards. Organizations like Industrial Vision Systems can help to develop a quality check system using machine learning. The system will be trained using data from quality products. After that, it will be able to classify products that do not meet the quality standards from those that meet the quality standards. This helps in ensuring that the organization is able to meet customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Care

In large businesses, management of customers, especially in customer care, has been challenging. Many organizations cannot employ enough customer care representatives. As a result, there are several calls to customer care that are not answered. This creates big customer dissatisfaction. Artificial intelligence has the ability to process

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natural languages. This can be used to implement systems that work as customer representatives. The systems can be able to offer timely responses to customers. Some organizations already are making use of chatbots. The chatbots allow customers to send their messages, and they get their responses immediately. Implementation of customer care in customer care will not only enhance customer satisfaction but will also reduce the cost of running the customer care department.


As much as organizations have automated a number of their manufacturing processes, many of the automated processes have a gap, and this reduces the efficiency of the systems. Artificial intelligence has the ability to allow 100 percent automation of the processes. With enhanced automation, it will be easier for the management of organizations to monitor the activities remotely using artificial intelligence-enabled screens. This will contribute to the overall reduction of the cost of running the business. On top of this, the profitability of the organization will increase, and this will impact business in general


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