Squiggly is a squirrel who is different than the other squirrels because Squiggly has a short, skinny tail and has pointy ears.  “Squiggly is not like the other squirrels who have bushy tails that help them climb up a tree.”  Squiggly has two best friends that he loves to play with and who treat him just like the others, but then there is Archie: the school bully.  Archie will call Squiggly names and never forgets to point out Squiggly’s differences to Squiggly and to the other squirrels.

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Then..Squiggly has another problem.  In class, Squiggly cannot see the blackboard and needs to go see the eye doctor to get glasses.  Squiggly fears that he will be even more different and will be teased more.  Squiggly gets some cool blue framed glasses that he likes as well as his friends. When Archie approaches him, Squiggly asks Archie to play with them and he accepts.  Archie and Squiggly becomes friends.

Squiggly gets glasses is a cute little book with a great message for kids.   This book is a book that talks about how it is okay to be different.  In many school’s today, there are kids who bully others.  This book teaches kids that it is not okay to bully other kids and teaches kids how to deal with a bully and why someone may bully another.  When Squiggly asks his mom why someone teases another, his mom replies  that sometimes others bully another because they don’t feel good about themselves  and bullying another takes the attention off themselves.  In this story, Squiggly thinks about what his mom said to him and he asked Archie to play with him.  Archie accepts and the two become friends!  This book is a great and valuable book for kids and parents to read together.  After the book, there are many important topics covered in the book that parents and children can talk about.  Pick up this book and share it with your child!

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