Bash and Lucy are back again in book #2 that follows Book #1: Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence.  Like the first book in this series (that was also reviewed on this was a book that was written by Duo team: Lisa and Michael Cohn.  This is a mother and son writing team.  Michael is just six years old.  Michael and Lisa had a beloved dog that passed away suddenly and in Bash and Lucyhonor of their love for their dog, they choose to write a few fictional books featuring a special dog who is loved by a little boy named Bash.  Bash loves to play soccer and is on a soccer team.  In the first book, Bash started bringing Lucy, Bash’s dog to all of his soccer games and Lucy ends up becoming an honorary four legged team player, who is loved by not only by Bash but by all of the other team players.  Lucy brings good luck to all of the games and assists the team with winning each game!


In book number two:   Lucy is still Bash’s beloved dog, but also continues to be part of his soccer team.  Lucy even has a team uniform and the other team players continue to enjoy having Lucy around as they play their soccer games.  The team is about to go to the team championships, with the assistance and love of Lucy the dog.   The soccer team look forward to having Lucy be there with them cheering them on, but then Lucy’s fame as a beloved soccer dog player spreads to other teams.  One little boy who has special needs plays soccer on a Special Olympics team comes to Bash and asks Bash if they can borrow Lucy to be part of their Special Olympic soccer team so that Lucy can inspire the other soccer players with luck and love.  However, Bash is overcome with jealously when Lucy goes to the other team’s soccer game and gives the other team players kisses and does his special tricks that are only meant for Bash and his soccer team!  Will Bash get over his jealousy and share Lucy with this Special Olympics team that needs Lucy?

Read this book with your young child today!   Children will learn the importance of different life lessons of sharing, how jealousy is not needed and will introduce kids to differences with kids that have disabilities and how they may have a need for a little extra support and love of other people and animals!  A great book!
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