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Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season Available on DVD - Book Room Reviews

Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season Available on DVD

Smallville Complete beauty eLast May, Smallville fans said goodbye to ten seasons with an amazing season finale.. The two-hour finale was full of moments and memories from the past. It was an perfect way to end the show and give fans the chance to see how Clark finally became Superman. I had several favorite moments from the finale.

I love that Chloe and Oliver are married and have a son together. I teared up at the part where she reads to her son. She really deserved that happy ending. I like how they tied up the story with Lois becoming a famous reporter by capturing it all the day Clark saved the world from the darkness. My absolute favorite were Tom Welling’s Superman scenes. The scene in which Darkseid sent him hurling through the barn and his life flashed before his eye was amazing and of course the moment he realized he could FLY! The look on his face was perfectly acted by Tom Welling in that scene.

The iconic song from Superman the Movie at the end was the perfect way to bring closure for fans of Smallville. Now the box set is available so you can re-live all ten seasons, plus with amazing bonus scenes and much more.  Buy the Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season DVD and related movie merchandise and get all the latest Warner Bros. movies at WBshop.com.  Hurry, it is on sale now for only $36.99.  What were your favorite scenes from the finale?

“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Smallville.'”

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