The Simple History series introduces kids to the history of the world in a fun and entertaining way that’s easy to understand.


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The latest in the series by Daniel Turner is about World War one. The Great War,The war to end all Wars (It didn’t work) .The book covers the cause of the war it takes the kids into the trenches and explains in simple terms all aspects of the war from the men fighting to the women at home in the factories. I think this is a great way to get kids interested in history. With WWICOVERcomic book type illustrations and easy to read wording a young child could really enjoy this book.Explanations of the weapons, new inventions and who fought on each side and why is quite interesting.I’m a bit of a history buff but never really got into WWI so I actually learned a few things.There’s no hidden agenda here no anti war talk just a short easy to read history book.I like that the end of the book has a little quiz to help them learn and remember what they read it also a few interesting facts to share . The glossary at the end is also a nice touch I must recommend not only this book but the entire series.You can find them On the Simple History Website

A special Centennial edition 1914-2014 I planned on posting this on 11-11 which is the day the armistice was signed but I got sidetracked.

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