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Screens and the Ego: a Meditation on GenZ, is a book that discusses the disintegration of the nuclear family, hyper-sexualization, suicide, self-loathing, social rejection, and living our social lives on screens.


Screens and the Ego: a Meditation on GenZ is quite the sociological and psychological story of a generation and how some see living at this time.  This is a story of a woman named Ilnara, who shares her growing up and her feelings about her choices made while at college, Emory University, and the decisions that were made. This is also a story of dealing with and learning about multiculturalism and diversity.  There are so many ideas shared in this story and so many definitions discovered as in the word ‘Taliban’ that means students but has so many different connotations today.  It is also a story of trying to understand what is happening around her and them and trying to understand everything.

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Screens and the Ego A Meditation on GenZ

could be a good book to use as a supplemental reading for a Social Issues course or as a course in diversity. How technology (Screens) has changed people’s lives and the way they see themselves and others. How we communicate with or don’t with each other. Several sections could make good discussions on social issues of the past, present, and maybe of the future, as in reading the section ‘A Meditation on Freedom’ that is written in parts and in another section titled ‘Exhibits’.  These sections were when Ilnara was trying to figure things and ideas out.  This is a good novel for various kinds of discussions and how we ‘teach’ various ideas to all.

Next time you go out to eat. Look around the restaurant at the couples that are “spending” time together. Are they talking to each other, or do they have their face buried in their SCREENS?


While there are benefits to the smartphone like being able to connect with loved ones worldwide, well-being apps, and instant directions when you’re lost, studies have also pointed to many dangerous effects of using your phone too much. Not only does it contribute to sleep issues, create pressure to be online constantly, and add to feelings of anxiety and jealousy, it is affecting the quality of relationships in a major way. People are now so attached to their phones that it hinders their ability to be focused, empathetic and ultimately, present.

About the Author

Jane-Marie Auret is a writer, wife, daughter, and friend. She graduated from Emory with a degree in Arabic language and Comparative Literature. She also has an MS in Finance and is currently working as a tech writer.


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