Sarah Rising was Inspired by the protests that happened during the Minneapolis Uprising after the police killing of George Floyd, Sarah Rising provides a child’s-eye view of a protest and offers an opportunity for children to talk about why people take to the streets to protest racial injustice. Readers will gain a new appreciation for how important it is to be part of a community of people who protect each other.

When Sarah spots a beautiful monarch butterfly and follows it through the crowd, she finds herself inside the no-man’s land between the line of police and protesters.

‘Sarah Rising’ is a children’s picture book that shows and tells the story of Sarah a young girl as she learns about cultural diversity and social injustice.  Sarah is a little girl who learns by observing nature and what goes on around her.  One day she does find out why she is treated differently from others.  Sarah is a girl that lives and loves humans and animals.  Ty Chapman writes this story to teach what injustice in many forms are wrong and ‘Sarah Rising’ shows this by the phrases that DeAnn draws on the posters later in the story from sayings like ‘No Justice, No Peace!’.  All these words make you think ‘How can I make things better.  DeAnn’s illustrations visualizes Ty’s words.  My favorite pictures were all the ones with a butterfly involved.  Butterflies are a symbol of new life and this is what this picture book is all about.  How can we all get a better life and learn more about each other.  ‘Sarah Rising’ is a good picture book that can be used in an elementary classroom all the way to a college book discussion group that deals with social diversity and justice and education.  ‘Why can’t we all just get along?’



About the Author 

Ty Chapman is a Twin Cities-based author, poet, puppeteer, and playwright of Nigerian and European descent. He is passionate about art that speaks to the Black experience in America. His recent accomplishments include being named a Loft Literary Center Mirrors and Windows fellow and publishing poetry through multiple journals.



Twitter: @TyChapmn

Instagram: @ty_chapmn

Facebook: /TyChapmn

About the Illustrator 

DeAnn Wiley is a Detroit-based artist who has been painting traditionally for over five years. She recently broke into the digital art world and shares her artwork with a large online audience. She is an advocate for social justice and is dedicated to making art that is authentic and intentional in empowering Black, queer, fat, and disabled people.



Twitter: @DeelasheeArt

Instagram: @DeelasheeArt

Facebook: /DeeLasheeArtistry



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