a YA Novel by Chandra Prasad


‘Mercury Boys’ is an adolescent/young adult novel written by Chandra Prasad.  A romance/time travel story Living in the present, but wanting to be in the past and fit in some way. I Love the cover.

This is the story of Saskia and her search for a

perfect boyfriend.  The main character of Saskia is a person who really likes history and photography and trying to make lasting friendships through forming a group with similar interests.  Saskia and her friends learn various lessons about acceptance of others and themselves.

Chandra Prasad has written ‘Mercury Boys” for young adults who are learning more about themselves as they grow physically and emotionally.  Chandra has written a story that is showing and telling how our various relationships that we form will affect how we live with the choices we all make.  This is also a story of accepting others for who they are and the choices that they make.  ‘Mercury Boys’ is a novel for learning about and understanding and maybe learn how to understand ourselves through better words and actions.  Counselors and social workers could use this novel to teach acceptance of others and their lifestyles. Also to provide discussion topics on sexuality, friendship, and community issues.

 Mercury Boys is an evocative YA story with a historical twist that’s filled with first loves, the struggle to adapt, and the imperious world of young female friendships.

With the unexpected and creative force of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Wayward Children and the edgy, suspenseful impact of The Fever, Mercury Boys is a gripping, timely, and compelling YA adventure that explores the all too obscure in-betweens that exist between race, gender, and identity, past and present, and childhood and adulthood.

Available August 2021

  16-year-old Saskia Brown finds herself struggling to fit into her new school not only as a transplant, but also as a biracial teen in a predominantly white town. However, she finds solace in her only friend, Lila, and a tattered old daguerreotype of Robert Cornelius, a brilliant young inventor from the nineteenth century. While visiting Lila at a local university library, Saskia does something dangerous–she touches a vial of liquid mercury. That same night she has a dream that she’s transported to the 1800s and meets Robert Cornelius himself–a dream so realistic she wonders if maybe she’s stumbled upon a way to time travel.

About the Author

Chandra PrasadChandra Prasad is the author of the critically acclaimed novels On Borrowed Wings, Death of a Circus, Breathe the Sky, and Damselfly, a female-driven young adult text used both individually in classrooms and in parallel with Lord of the Flies. Prasad is also the editor of—and a contributor to—Mixed, the first-ever anthology of short stories on the multiracial experience. Being half-Asian herself, Prasad has long acknowledged the dearth of significant mixed-race characters in literature, especially for teens and children, and has sought to bring awareness to this issue. For this reason, Prasad chose multiracial protagonists for both her YA novels, Damselfly and Mercury Boys

ISBN:  978-1-64129-265-8
Soho Press, Inc.
349 pages

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