Ready, Steady, Shoot: A Pro’s Guide to Smartphone Video by Roger Sherman

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Back in the day – a long long long time ago I had a job at Eastman Kodak as a “Striper” no not Stripper ( I kept my clothes on) but Striper. What we did was put Magnetic sound stripes on 16mm and super 8 film.You remember film don’t you? This was waaay back in the late 70’s. That was just about the beginning of the end of home movie film and cameras. Really back then for the most part the only people taking “home movie’s” were JOE Family type. Then came the Video tape, you do remember VHS don’t you? The big bulky video machines? There were even super 8 video tape machines.But it was still Joe Family guy with those machines.

Now fast forward twenty years(engage Flux Capisiter)——————————————————————–> So these days you can’t walk outside without seeing some Man or woman or most kids taking pictures or VIDEO’S with their Smartphone. It’s not just that Joe family type guy anymore.Now do they really know what they are doing? They may think they do.Just ask them! But think about it. While you’re at it ask them if anyone really want’s to watch these badly edited,jumpy videos they’re making.They may think so but then again why make friends and family suffer through these things.ready steady vid

Not to worry folks there is a solution.As you may have guessed by now it’s an e-book called

Now before you go and ask who does this dude think he is let me tell you.



Roger Sherman is a producer, director, cinematographer, still photographer, and author.  Not only is he  an Emmy AND Peabody he also happens to have TWO Academy Award Nominations. His photography has appeared in  Budget Travel,  Newsweek ,Town & Country and  Saveur.So needless to say Mr.Sherman knows his stuff.

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