SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (September 24, 2015)  Kathryn Otoshi’s, “Beautiful Hands”, picture book was released on Tuesday, Sept. 29th by Blue Dot Press.
Otoshi is a writer/illustrator in Novato, CA – Marin County.  She co-authored the book with her friend, Bret Baumgarten before he passed away of pancreatic cancer the day before Thanksgiving last year.  
 Mr. Baumgarten always wanted to write a picture book.  But, before he could have that chance, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Ms. Otoshi suggested creating BEAUTIFUL HANDS as a memento for his children.  Instead, the book became a mission of hope and tool to help with character building.  Ms. Otoshi uses hand prints from the character building events from school visits to create a wire “spirit bird”.  The metal structure is strung up after each event.
The book celebrates Bret’s tradition of holding his children’s small hands in his and asking them, “What will your beautiful hands do today?” 
“Beautiful Hands” is a call-to-action story about the amazing things our hands can do when we put our ideas into motion.



About the story and Illustrations:   The story is based on Bret Baumgarten’s experience of holding his children’s hands in wonder and asking them, “What will your beautiful hands do today?”  The handprint illustrations in this story are made up of Bret Bauingarten and Kathryn Otoshi’s family.  The rainbow spread at the end of the book embeds the handprints of over a hundred family members and friends.  

A beautiful book with a beautiful concept.  The book uses colorful handprints to create many beautiful and detailed pictures that will capture the heart of any child and their family as they read this picture book today.  The book asks the reader, “What will your beautiful hands do today?”  “Will they plant, will they touch, will they lift, etc..?”

As parents, we see the best in our children to create a better today and a better future.  Our children’s hands leads us to the future.   Our hands empower us to show love, compassion, connection and creativity.  This book is an inspirational book that many families can look at together and share.  This book gives you deeper meaning to the use of one’s hands and their impact on others.

beautiful hands1Available in: Hardcover. This colorful concept book reveals an illustrative surprise and beautiful hands 2reading delight with every turn of the page.




A video created by Bret.  It shows Bret himself, his family and Kathryn making hand prints for the project:


Find it at



About Kathryn Otoshi:
Kathryn Otoshi is a multi-award winning author/illustrator and national/international speaker best known for her character-building book series, “Zero”, “One”, and “Two”. She goes to schools across the country to encourage kids to develop strong character assets, and helps teachers find customized, creative methods to engage and connect with their students through art, reading and the power of literature. Her newest book, “Beautiful Hands”, co-authored with Bret Baumgarten, is a call-to-action book reminding kids to use their hands to do something positive and inspirational for each other and our communities.


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