It never ceases to amaze me how the internet and for that matter computers have changed our lives. You younger folks out there just don’t get it.

Wouldn’t it be cool to go back in time to see how different it really was? Travel back to 1966 or even 1976. So in my best Rod Sterling voice – (Yeah I know many of you don’t even know who that is.) “Imagine if you will a world where people actually had to talk to each other on the telephone,If you were out and had to get a hold of some one you had to frantically search for a PAYPHONE! A world where people actually had to read a newspaper (Made out of Paper) to get their news. Texting would be writing a letter (again on paper) and dropping it into the mailbox. And please don’t get me started on selfie’s or pictures of any kind. Remember Kodak , Flash Cubes FILM?

Now Picture a world where going shopping actually meant leaving the house and heading to the Mall or your local shopping center.”

Actually that last part isn’t entirely true. If you didn’t want to shop at the store you could always checkout the Newspaper want ads. (There’s that Newspaper thing again) The problem with that is there was never much of a choice as the items would basically be local. If you were looking for that truly hard to find item you couldn’t just “GOOGLE”it.

Shopping at for-sale,com

It really is so much easier these days. To find that special item you’re looking for. You know that one thing you simply have to have. It may be for yourself or a special gift for someone. Sure if you have a favorite store to do a litte online shopping and are searching for something new you know that everyone has a website you can click on over to. But what about that one thing. Two years ago at  Christmas my wife decided to go old school for our Granddaughter. She decided to get her some Tinker Toys.

So off she goes on her trek to the toy store.  Does she find them , well yes and no. Tinker Toys are now made of Plastic! So us being the old folks we are Santa shopping onlinedecide to search for the real thing . After search a bunch of different sites,you know the ones e-bay, Amazon,Yahoo, even Craigslist we finally for what we were looking for. A full set of wooden Tinker toys . Sure they were used but it was just what we were looking for and in very good condition.It even had the original instruction booklet . It was a bit of a hassle going to all the different sites to find just the right thing but hey our little darling is worth it.

We had a similar experience this Christmas. This time it was Shopkins . That same little girl is now infatuated with Shopkins and if you know any seven or eight year old girls you know all about Shopkins. Problem is she collects them and needed a Season One set and the stores are only selling seasons 5 and 6. So off to that amazing internet we go for some of that Online shopping. But this time we do things a little different. What I discovered in my search is a better way to search for that absolute needed item you’re looking for. This time I didn’t need to go to every site on earth but just one.

Since online shopping is all about convenience  I found a truly amazing place to shop Here you can see what is available on just about any site online.Amazon,E-Bay there are sites I’ve never even heard of. You can find just about anything there. Almost anywhere in the world. When I say anything I mean anything.It’s not just for  Tinker Toys and Shopkins. Looking for a used Car or maybe a House? Yep this could be the place. Oh and we did find the Season One Shopkins





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