5 Preliminary Steps to Setup Your Own Online

Book Tour

Doesn’t matter if you are launching a book for the first time, or simply demonstrating support for a published one, virtual book tours or online book tour is always an amazing experience for the participants . It helps them in creating excitement, improving their reputation, tempting people to share your content, groom your platform, and of course, make revenues. However, before starting to experience all the above benefits, it’s down to making a plan to get it work.Online book tour


 The online book tour

Since book bloggers and podcast professionals will be relying on you to demonstrate the content and attend the interviews for the online book tour, it’s better to stay composed and organized from your side. In doing so, you’ll need to prepare and schedule your content well before the time comes along with getting your digital assets ready. Ideally, try to start working at least 3 to 4 weeks before the actual launch day in order to make use of the time for connecting with hosts, creating content, and handling the whole situation without any last-minute urgency.

Apart from checking the book sales page, author’s webpage, retail product page, and social media profiles, clearly ensure that your media kit contains a short and long biography, an HD profile picture and book cover, a list of essential interview questions, and associations with all relevant professionals.

As for this discussion, we are going to discuss some preliminary steps that you need to consider before setting up your own online book tour.

  1. Decide the appropriate tour length and dates

An Online book tour normally runs for around 2 to 3 weeks. However, you can always alter the length depending on your goals, availability, and the scope of your book launch campaign. You can start by selecting the start and end dates of the tour with the launch date in mind. Ideally, try to make the most out of the launch date by content publications and interviews in order to create the right marketing exposure.

  1. Locate prospective hosts

Create a list of appropriate tours stops, for example, book blogs, podcasts, etc. that comprehends with your target audience, subject, and genre well. In short, research the hosts and their contact information. If you encounter any sort of exclusive events that you feel can help your campaign, pen them down. The point is you need to be well-aware with both the hosts and their campaigns at the time of pitching your content. However, do remember that rejection from some of the prospects is a real possibility, but never lose hope and keep on researching.

  1. Talk with potential hosts and audience

Once you are done with the task of selecting your tour hosts, start communicating with them .Communicate with their target audience by posting comments, delivering your content, and directing them through social media platforms. The entire point of early interaction is to get potential prospects acquainted with your profile, hence, you’ll most probably be accepted if you approach a warm lead instead of a cold one. At the same time, grab the opportunity to build and encourage your own audience with the intention of obtaining their support throughout your preparation phase.

  1. Devise your goals

Ask yourself: what is the goal you want to accomplish during your book launch campaign. Be sure to encompass your goals. With the components of every blog post, interview, or virtual appearance along with providing a solid call to action to your readers and viewers.

  1. Conjure content ideas

Apart from creating and listing your goals, try to come up with some guest posting concepts. Never fall under the impression that this technique is only about promoting your book. You will also want to provide education, value, and entertainment.


One of the best ways to brainstorm is to consult your book for unique concepts and ideas.   Repackage them for separate tour stops. Consider yourself a non-fiction author, here you will look to convey some ideas from your own writing piece. And when it comes to a fictional work, you can discuss core themes and topics from the story.

  Final Thoughts?

Then comes the advanced tips related to dates confirmation, promoting the tours, evaluation of the entire campaign, etc. The above tips are usually for authors or even education industry professionals such as seasoned dissertation writers catering different college and university degree program fields and their requirements.

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