Top 5 Books to Help You Get Into shape for the Summer Season

Whatever your goal for this year’s vacation season, get summer under way right now by getting stuck into some of these training books. Here are five different approaches to help you make the most of your body. Do you want to get your figure looking and feeling the best it’s ever been to attract


attention, or add confidence? Or you could add some strength, toughness and achieve a body that won’t let you down. Maybe you want to build up endurance in preparation for an activity or sports holiday, trekking or other adventures.

All of these books will be easy to track down at online booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and Thrift Books. Make sure you take advantage of the promo codes on offer at these stores, as they introduce new promotions all the time.


1. The 30-Second Body: Eat Clean. Train Dirty. Live Hard.
This book is built around high-intensity workouts for quick results, designed to do at home or outdoors with no need for any equipsecondment. Celebrity trainer Adam Rosante also advises on clean, wholesome eating habits and positive mindset to overcome any weight loss failures in the past. There’s the latest high intensity training ideas in here, as the title suggests, and all kinds of tips and hacks. Altogether it’s a great book if you don’t have much time to yourself. Just picking it up for a moment will always inspire you with a speedy workout, food tip or idea about thinking positive in everyday life.



2. Lean In 15 series
Joe Wicks and his lean, healthy recipe and workout books and videos are a phenomenon in Britain and around the world. Ideal to start using now in time to make a difference before summer. They’re another approach that’s ideal if you don’t have any spare time, or feel like you don’t. Speedy and tasty cooking that’s attracted rave reviews from busy mums and dieters relieved to be able to eat proper meals again. There are more and more books in Joe’s series to choose from, with more or fewer workouts inside to suit your level of activity.

3. Go Faster Food
This is purely a cookbook, but Kate Percy’s plan is very much designed for active people, with suggestions for meals and tasty snacks organised around training and workouts. It’s always an inspiring read that can make you want to head out for a run or any kind of workout. The food is designed to give you the energy and nutrients to need to perform at your best, endure and recover. At the same time there are fresh ingredients and tempting flavors and twists. If you’re ramping up your wellness program with summer in mind, this will drive your nutrition in all the right directions.

4. The Man Who Cycled The World
the manAny number of these kind of challenge books are available. They’re always a good way to while away some down time in transit, on the beach or wherever your travels take you. Some of them are by Olympians and almost superhuman figures to begin with. This one’s a good choice because Mark Beaumont just comes across as like you or me. He’s an engaging and very readable travel companion who’ll inspire you into getting more active and broaden your thinking as to what an average human body is capable of.



5.Build Your Own Body: Strong is the New Skinny
An inspiring, target-based choice of programs to give you strength in any areas you choose to work on. It’s quite the no-nonsense approach, but covers eating and everyday living as well as just strength training. Author Kelly Donegan is into bodybuilding, but she also has personal experience of fitness as a way of overcoming depression and feeling great about herself. You too can make a difference given a few months before the summer heat kicks in.

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