My Bed is An Air Balloon

                        Written by: Julia Copus  Illustrated by: Alison Jay
Faber & Faber Publishing
ISBN:  978-0571-33484-1
ISBN:  978-0571-34771-1
16 pages
“What an adventure!”  Who wouldn’t want a bed like an air balloon? Julia Copus and Alison Jay has answered my question with their picture/word book ‘My Bed is An Air Balloon’. This is a story that is written as a dream that uses nonsense words to tell a story that actually makes sense.  There are words like ‘fluttertufts’ and ‘whifflepigs’ using real words to form unusual compound words.  To me this picture book reads like a lyric poem that is also reads in a sing-song rhythm with the lines of words in a wavy formation from page to page and at times even rhyme.
Julia CopusThe pictures that were drawn by Alison were fun, colorful and one could read the pictures to tell the story, but the words made it more fun.  One of my favorite pictures was when the bed was flying over the water and the water was filled with various shapes that float and the other was when the little girl meet a little boy floating along on the wind.  This is a story that is a dream to see.  It is also a story that is perfect for a day care, preschool and even a kindergarten classroom to share at nap time to increase relaxation after lunch.  It is also a good book for language development with the use of the nonsense words using real words.  This is a five star read that was fun to read for all ages.


About the Author Julia Copus

Poet and children’s author Julia Copus is a UK-based writer. She has won First Prize in the National Poetry Competition and the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem (2010). All three of her poetry collections are recommendations of the Poetry Book Society, an organisation set up by T. S. Eliot in 1953 “to propagate the art of poetry”. Her poem ‘An Easy Passage’ features on the exam syllabus for the EdExcel A’ Level in English Literature and ‘Raymond, at 60’ is included in the Unseen Poetry Preparation Anthology for the same board. Ghost Lines, a cycle of radio poems following the journey of a couple undergoing IVF treatment, made the shortlist for the 2012 Ted Hughes Award.

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