Future of Influencer Marketing – Here is what you need to know

Influencer marketing is an essential component of the everyday marketing mix. Influencers use authentic storytelling methods to help brands become more human and engaging. This way, brands connect with their customers, increasing the probability of return on investment (ROI) and customer retention. Thus, it is becoming a mainstream marketing channel. Today’s article is about the future of influencer marketing. Read on!
Influencer Marketing is Booming

Research shows that traditional advertising is on the verge of decline. Ad-blocking extensions are growing in the online world, which has caused problems for marketing and advertisement companies.
As a result, a new form of advertising “influencer marketing” is dominating the industry. A recent report shows that in 2019, 75% to 81% of marketers and advertisers use influencer marketing. Research reports show that this figure will rise soon.
Companies are rapidly learning different methods to capitalize on the influencers’ power. Every day, over 90 million posts including photos and videos are posted on Instagram. This shows that influencer marketing is expanding and showing no signs of stoppage. Brands are investing more and more in influencer marketing.

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is giving intense competition to macros. They are influencers with less than 100,000 followers. Micro-influencers have higher rates of engagement than macro-influencers. Many brands hire micro-influencers because they charge lower fees. They use sophisticated word-of-mouth marketing tactics and people trust their advice or opinion on a specific product or service. It is because they have generated a large following
based on trust.

Shortly, brands will hire multiple micro-influencers instead of a single macro to reach more potential customers.
A large number of consumers consult social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,etc. before they buy a product or subscribe to a service. The majority of consumers follow the advice or opinion of micro-influencers. For brands, influencer marketing is an incredible way to broaden
their reach and make a winning impression on the information-hungry consumers.AI is the future of Influencer Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

(AI) allows computer engineers and software developers to make complex systems, which can think and work similarly to humans. The potential benefits of Machine Learning and AI are huge in influencer marketing. Artificial Intelligence will help influencers to streamline problem-solving, analysis of data,researching, and planning processes of marketing. A recent report shows that AI-based
businesses will reach around four trillion dollars in 2022 – according to Statista.

Besides, AI will make it easy for brands to find suitable influencers for their products/services and determine if they are efficient and accurate. Using AI, brands can
measure the performance of influencers adequately. The Use of Video Content WebpageFX, a digital marketing company, states that by 2019-2020, 80% of the online content will comprise of videos. Also, video content allows consumers to retain 95% of a message.
In contrast, viewers or readers only consume 10% of the marketing message via text. This shows the significance of video content for influencer marketing.While efficient and convenient for the consumer, video content provides influencers with
a versatile and attractive as well as a shareable platform to reach their target audience.
Video content is 600% more effective tool for marketing than texts, blogs, emails, and infographic.

In addition to that, leveraging the power of AI writing assistants can greatly facilitate the process for brands to identify suitable influencers for their products/services and assess their effectiveness and accuracy. AI technology enables brands to accurately measure the performance of influencers, providing valuable insights for influencer marketing strategies.

Wrapping up, Influencer marketing is currently booming in the industry, and brands that hire influencers maintain customer retention rates and boost their productivities. Influencer marketing is the future of the business world.

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