How to stimulate eCommerce spending through social media and influencer marketing


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 With the pandemic having swept across the world and leaving much of the world’s economy in disarray, A&E, as an agency, has been advising its clients to continue using digital marketing channels and not go dark on social media. Whether a Fortune 500 company or a start-up. Social media and influencer marketing have become paramount in order to reach the desired target demographic and speak to the customer. Below, I will outline five tips for small businesses and start-ups on how to stimulate eCommerce spending through social media and influencer marketing during the pandemic:

How to stimulate eCommerce spending
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  1. Partner with influencers

   It’s important to set a strategy .Carefully outline your target demographic. Ask yourself is there more than one target group? The next step would be to dive into your industry and conduct a diligent influencer search. Who are the true influencers – the epicenter of influence so to speak – in your industry? Also, understand your product and how your brand’s values align with particular influencers. Are there values the influencer and the brand share? For example, both are behind social responsibility when it comes to textiles in the fashion industry and are conscious that the customer is actively working on reducing his/her carbon footprint.

  Make a list of influencers who you think would be valuable partners.Reach out to them to see if there is an interest for the influencers to essentially become your brand advocates. Remember, it takes time to form a relationship, especially if the terms of the partnership do not involve payment, and therefore make sure to communicate with the influencer the brand’s vision and see if the influencer would like to partner on an exchange basis.

  1. Use Instagram Live

  Instagram Live is a very powerful tool in influencer marketing.  The brand gets to speak in real time in front of its audience – whether ex customers or potential customers – on social media. Be creative and invite a guest, e.g., an influencer or an industry expert. Provide valuable advice, e.g., if you are a food brand, invite a food or chef influencer .They ccould provide tips and creative ideas on how make delicious meals at home using your products. The goal is to have as many of your followers tune-in and even invite their friends to listen-in. Instagram Live allows the brand to pin a link to the top – where to buy the products – so the users tuned-in can shop right away.

  1. Stand behind a cause

   Standing behind a cause, i.e., engaging in cause marketing, will speak volumes to your customer, especially during such unsettling times. At every point along the customer journey, you want to think about the customer. Think  about how they are feeling – scared, concerned, optimistic, etc. Cause marketing’s a great way to show your customer that you care about a particular issue and supporting that cause. This strategy is as equally applicable to small businesses. A brand can pledge to donate 10% of its sale proceeds to a particular non-profit hard struck by COVID-19. Announce your pledge to your customers on social media, so they can feel good about buying your products.

  1. Produce content that speaks to the consumer

   Content has always been king . Before the days of social media, there was brick and mortar by which customers judged the brand. Now, there is social media, which serves as a brand’s window to invite the customer into the store. Create content or partner with an influencers that speaks to the customer, especially during COVID-19. As mentioned above, if a food brand, create short clips on how to make tasty dishes using your products. Post the recipe in the caption. If a great idea, customers will get excited and tag their friends – word of mouth marketing! Invest into your content and think carefully through the strategy!

  1. Set up shop on your Instagram page – and keep checking for new tools available to make the purchasing process easier!

   Use available technologies, and one of the winners of 2020 has been the ability to shop directly from the brand’s Instagram feed. Each time you post, you can tag the products in your photo so that the customer can purchase with ease. Make sure to update your shop as new products become available. Constantly check back to see what new features Instagram has added to make the shopping experience better. The technologies continue to evolve and with savvy use give the brand instant access to millions of potential customers nationwide!


A&E is a digital agency that has the largest client portfolio of Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo, J&J, P&G, and Netflix. Our founders, Amra and Elma, are mega influencers with over 2.2 million social followers; see more about A&E on Forbes, Bloomberg Television, Financial Times, Inc., and Business Insider Video.

Amra Beganovich:

Ms. Beganovich leads A&E’s work on helping brands identify epicenters of influence, develop memorable (original) campaigns, and bring the brand storytelling into the future. Her areas of expertise include identifying and building unique influencer data models that depict the intricate relationships between industry leaders to ensure campaign longevity. Ms. Beganovich holds a degree in B.A. in Economics.and an MBA.She is  a  top fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer. Has over 1 million followers across her social channels. She has been named as a top digital marketing expert by Forbes, Business Insider, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, WSJ, ELLE Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and many more. She develops and manages advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Uber, Nestle, HTC, and Huawei.

                                          Amra and Elma

Elma Beganovich:

Ms. Beganovich leads A&E’s efforts in building the list of world renowned partners and clients. Her area of expertise in influencer marketing includes identifying roles that A&E can play for a variety of brands in different industries, as well as developing terms and scope of those partnerships. Ms. Beganovich holds a B.A. in Government and French from Georgetown University (2007) . A J.D. from University of Miami Law School (2011). She attended Georgetown University School of Law for the LLM program in Securities and Financial Regulations (2012).She is a New York barred attorney. Ms. Beganovich is one of the top New York City’s lifestyle influencers with over 1 million followers across her social channels. She has been named as a leading influencer marketing expert by Forbes, Business Insider, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, WSJ, ELLE Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Uber, Nestle, HTC, Huawei and more.


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