My husband and I are both big fans of wind chimes.  We have a few that we like to hang every spring.  They offer both an aesthetic benefit but also a nice, relaxing or interesting sound as you sit outside on the deck. Throughout the history of wind chimes, there have been many brilliant designers from major chain stores to small craft designers.  I tend to enjoy the more unique one of a kind types of designs you usually only get with the smaller designers.

While we have not often hung chimes in our garden, there are many great designs and models intended for this very purpose.  The chinese gong, for instance, is one of the most popular and recoginzed garden-based versions.  It offers a bell-like sound as it blows in the wind.

These products come in all shapes and sizes.  The garden and yard models are usually a bit bigger and often produce a louder sound. The ones that you hand from your home, patio, or deck tend to be the smaller versions that vary in sound, but are often a bit less ‘clangy’ so that you do not become agitated by it.

If you are interested in looking around for various types of wind chimes, you can always explore the outdoor shops and craft stores that carry them more in the early spring.  Other larger retailers like Outdora, give you a chance to look through a larger selection of models so that you can pick the right style, size and sound for your needs.

One important consideration as you think about your options is the weather in your part of the world.  In Iowa, we tend to get more diverse conditions that often include rain and strong winds in the spring and summer months.  This means that I have to be careful not to get chimes that would bang around, become overly loud, or be potentially thrown from a hook.

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