Morph-O-Scopes are a unique, optical illusion coloring toy that sound really cool and actually deliver when you try it. They are winners of 24 national awards and I can see why.

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First curl a Morph-O-Scope Mirror Decoder and place it on one of the mysterious twisted-picture pages.

Then they look at the reflection of the page on the curved mirror.

The reflection is now an amazing, picture-perfect cartoon!

When kids crayon morphed shapes on the distorted page, color magically appears in the right spaces in the cartoon reflections.

Nolan (age 6) was excited to try the Scopes, and didn’t have any problems following the directions.   He put the Scope together by himself (very simple).   He also figured out by himself how the Scope reflected the picture to make it easier to color.  He was impressed and it was cute how he explained it to me.   He enjoyed it and it kept him busy for quite a while. 

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Ignite imagination,

Challenge reasoning

Test spatial intelligence

Exercise eye-hand skills

They also provide independent, brain-powered play and engaging fun for kids aged 5-14+ Are made in the USA, completely child-safe, and meet or exceed all CPSC safety standards.


Morph-O-Scopes can be purchased from their website

Morph-O-Scopes Kits – $19.99 – come with 32 unique brain-tickling morphs + 2 mirrors + a box of 16 crayons in a go-anywhere carrying case (themes: ‘’Circus’’, ‘’Sports of All Sorts’’). Our unique company policy encourages parents to copy pages for their family’s own repeat use.

Morph-O-Scopes Packets – $7.99 – 5 morphs + 1 mirror (themes: ‘’Distorted Dinos’’, ‘’Fairies Fantasy’’, ‘’Stretched Pets’’, ‘’Twisted Pajama Party’’). Our unique company policy encourages parents to copy pages for their family’s repeat use.

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