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We don’t have an iPhone or iPad currently because we have to pay for new sofas and chairs instead.  Some day maybe. Sigh.  I still wanted to let everyone know who does have one that I am impressed by the sounds of a new App called QuickCues.  I haven’t reviewed it but it is designed for teens and young adults on the Autism Spectrum.  I think teens especially would be more inclined to try it since it would be available on their phone or iPod.  The information is below.  If anyone has tried it or decides to, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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QuickCues is a social script app designed for iPods and iPhones that helps teens and young adults on the autism spectrum handle new situations and learn new skills. Social scripts have been used successfully for years, but QuickCues makes these tools mobile and easy to use in everyday situations. Visit the Apple App Store to download today!

Four QuickCues modules are available:

  Provides help with conversations at school or work, listening, and talking on the telephone. It also gives tips on reading body language and finding shared interests with others ($4.99). The QuickCues app includes the Communications module; all other modules can be purchased through the in-app purchase function.
  Promotes good habits to stay organized at school, maintain personal hygiene, and stay healthy through diet and exercise.  This module helps break down routines, tasks, and assignments to provide the structure users need to be and feel successful ($4.99).
  Helps users create and maintain good relationships.  This module suggests appropriate behaviors, such as taking turns, learning about the interests of others, and giving compliments.  It also helps users put structure and limits on their own interests and activities ($4.99).
  Provides users with strategies for good mental health. This module helps with emotional awareness and relaxation ($4.99). 
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