zebramixallboxesCMYK A fun activity to involve your child with Asperger’s Syndrome/Autism is cooking and baking. Our son loves to help me in the kitchen and having him help me is a great way to practice many skills. The skills that you can emphasize as a parent are social, asking specific questions about what, why and how.  Using their senses to touch, smell, and taste what you are cooking. Teaching manners and cleaning up. Involving small motor skills of stirring and pouring.


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One thing that can be more difficult for some children is following directions. I found out about the company Zebra Mix and how they use maps with pictures to involve small children in cooking.   Their maps would work perfectly for children who may need a little extra help too.   We received the Zebra Cupcake Mix and started baking.  We had a so much fun!   Check out our pictures below.  If you want to cook something else,  you can make your own maps by drawing  pictures or finding  pictures from the internet or magazines for your favorite recipes.  You can involve your child in the creation of the map too.  I plan on trying that with some of mine.  Zebra mixes are a great price and if you want to try one just head over to the website and get a 25% discount by mentioning Bookroom Reviews.

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The map has colorful pictures

Easy to follow steps

Check off each step when you finish (his favorite part)

Fun games and trivia to read and play as you bake

Two levels of learning on the maps

Everything included except tins, butter and water for frosting

Less than half an hour to do

Fun bonding activity for parents and child

All natural and organic dry ingredients

Tasted great!

ABOUT ZEBRA MIX(from website)

Zebra Mix was created by parents with two energetic daughters and a successful graphic design/marketing firm. Like most kids, their girls loved to bake; like most grown-ups, they quickly discovered scratch baking required lots of pre-planning and supervision, and without sophisticated reading skills, kids could not “own” the project. So this creative team developed Zebra Mix Baking Activity Kits, a line of innovative baking kits that place kids in the center of the baking process – where the real fun and learning begin. Each baking kit includes all-natural and organic ingredients, and an award winning Safari Baking Mix with step-by-step instructions and activities to get kids using their smarts in the kitchen. Please visit zebramix.com and see how you can start stirring up fun and learning!

Deluxe Baking Activity Kits (Ages 4-12) $19.99

Choose Cupcake Studio Kit or Flower Power Sugar Cookie Kit to showcase your artistic side. These award-winning kits include all the dry ingredients and the wildly successful Safari Baking Map with an Idea Map,to inspire kids through the creative process of making,baking and decorating. The Cupcake Studio Baking Activity Kit includes a frosting pen, all-natural decorating sugars and Zebra striped cupcake papers. The Flower Power Cookie Baking Activity Kit is 100% certified organic and includes dragonfly and flower cookie cutters and a high-quality, silicone rolling pin perfectly sized for kids. Available online at Zebramix.com, Amazon.com, Fatbraintoys.com and Cheftools.com. See zebramix.com for a complete list of retailers.

Treasure Tin Baking Kits (Ages 4-12 ) $12.99

These stylish Zebra-striped treasure tins are loaded with all the dry ingredients and an engaging Safari Baking Map to make the baking process fun, smart and delicious. The Rainbow Drop Cookie Kit is just like your favorite M&M cookie, but without any artificial color or flavor and the Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit includes vanilla and chocolate batter to make striped cupcakes with frosting. When you are finished, pack your goodies in your treasure tins and head down the neighborhood to share your treats or use as your lunchbox. Available at: online at Zebramix.com, Amazon.com, Fatbraintoys.com and Cheftools.com. See zebramix.com for a complete list of retailers.

Baking Activity Kits (Ages 4-12 ) $5.99

These kits are perfect for storing in your pantry for play dates, afterschool, babysitters or whenever you need a fun activity or dessert. Each kit includes all the dry ingredients and a Safari Baking Map with two levels of learning and activities. The Brownie Bite kit even teaches simple Spanish words. At this price, treat the kids to all three: choose from Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brownie Bites and Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kits. Available at: select Toys R Us & select Whole Foods and online at Zebramix.com, Amazon.com and Cheftools.com. See zebramix.com for a complete list of retailers.

Disclosure: I received product at no cost for review. all of my opinions are honest.

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