funand function logoOne of my favorite websites is Fun and Fuction.Com.  They provide quality skill-building toys for children of every ability, that promotes inclusive play at home, in school, and outdoors. Sold online and in toy stores nationwide, Fun and Function’s award-winning line includes language and social skills games, dress-up, foam scooters and inflatable products for active play, a rocket ship space tunnel, collectible chewies, clothing and accessories for sensory input, and more. Recommended by parents,pediatric therapists, and educators, Fun and Function helps children achieve their best and have fun at the same time.

How To Play

Their newest resource is the board game, Guess How I Feel? Children will learn social awareness and build emotional skills with a fun twist.  The game is a lot like charades, but with emotions.  Guess How I Feel?” uses real-life scenarios to engage children in self-expression and empathy, and have fun learning about each other.

Players take turns sharing and guessing each other’s reaction to 50 situations vividly pictured on cards, from getting a gift-wrapped box to dropping an ice cream cone, playing with friends or being excluded, seeing your parents happy or angry, riding a rollercoaster or learning to ride a bike, coming home or saying goodbye. Everyone takes a turn showing their reactions on a dry erase magnetic mirror that has magnetic facial expressions as well as colorful markers. The other players anticipate the reaction by describing or drawing it on their pads, and choose a prize band when they’re right. Several game variations add to the fun and help players get to know each other better. No reading skills are necessary.


Mom Likes

Nolan’s favorite part are the magnet face parts that are used to make the expressions on the mirror. There is a good selection and they are fun to put together. He actually played longer with them and the mirror by himself.

Fun and creative way to learn social skills and interaction.

The cards are impressive with real life pictures and situations that the child can learn from.

Teaches many emotions

Easy to play and understand for my son(age 7). I think three and up would be able to play. You could just play with the mirror and mimic each other for younger ones that don’t understand

Silly and funny game will appeal to children.

Uses a mirror and fun drawing and magnet options that appeals to children

Child can be creative and play with it alone to learn about expressions.

Go Shopping


Winner of the Dr. Toy 100 Best Products Award, “Guess How I Feel?” is for age 3 to adults. The game includes situation cards, a dry erase magnetic mirror board, magnetic facial expressions, dry erase markers, “Guess” bag with prize bands, timer, pencils and pads. The game retails for $26.99 at and on Amazon, and will be in stores after the Toy Fair.

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