snow white Kristen stewartDid you know there are dueling Snow White movies? Kristen Stewart will battle Julia Roberts next year in the similar themed movies. Yesterday, a photo from the Julia Roberts version of Snow White was released. Tonight Comic-Con upped them by hosting the cast and releasing the Kristen Stewart version of Snow White photos, which proved to be more interesting at this point.

Kristen Stewart plays Snow White in the film, which was likened to “Lord of the Rings” during the panel discussion. Joining her, both in the film and at the press conference, were Charlize Theron, the Evil Queen, The Prince, Samuel Clalin and the titular Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth.

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The story, according to Entertainment Weekly, features Snow White, having escaped from the Evil Queen’s imprisonment, off in the woods, being chased down by the Huntsman. He’s charged with returning just her heart, but when he can’t bring himself to kill her for it, they become partners in the fight against the queen.


Indeed, this Snow White will be a much more action-packed affair, with Stewart and the gang to be featured in some major stunt work. “It’s not a little girl sitting by a well with tweety birds telling her what’s going on,” director Rupert Sanders said (via Cinema Blend).

Theron, who just met Stewart, gave voice to that new attitude, saying, “I know she’s going to give me a run for her money. And I’m ready for it bitch, let’s go!”

Another fun fact: there will be eight dwarves… until one dies. I say Kristen Stewart for the “Win” against Julia Roberts at this point. I’m excited to see her version of Snow White.

PHOTOS (via and Facebook):

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