Komichis Toys with Feelings

kimochisKomochis – Toys with Feelings Inside is a set of plush toys that help kids learn about feelings in a fun way. The products are stylish, educational, unique and each character helps your kids better understand emotions and how they work.

Each character (Cloud, Huggtopus, and Bug) comes with 3 small “Kimochis™” – or feelings inside a special pocket and a How-To Use Kimochis™ Feel Guide with fun easy lessons developed by nationally renowned child communication expert Ellen Pritchard Dodge M.ED.CCC-SLP. The Kimochis™ characters will be supported by books, animation and an online world with educational content and activities.

While the Komochis have universal benefits for any children to learn more about feelings, it is especially useful if you have a child with a condition like autism, when teaching feelings is especially difficult. Your child is able to read the feeling on the back of the Kimochi and see the matching face on the front, and change the feelings on the character. We got Bug and have really enjoyed him.

Here is the company’s site http://kimochis.com/ for more information.

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