Lifeforce’ is a young adult fantasy novel written by Annie Rodriguez that covers a lot of emotions dealing with family and friends and relationships of all kinds that affect them in many ways.

This is a story about a girl who happens to be a witch with friends and enemies that are vampires and werewolves and how they seem to be interrelated in different ways.  The characters of Gillian, Addie, Dr. Wolfe, Eric, and Sean are the major characters that help Gillian to make a major decision that she needs to make for her ‘life’.  Gillian is a witch in training, so to speak but she also misses her mother.  Gillian learns many things from Addie her aunt that her mother wanted to care for Gillian when she needs help with various decisions that she needs to make.  Addie is a vampire along with Eric and Sean and then there is Dr. Wolfe, a lycan (werewolf).  Sean her boyfriend when Gillian was a teenager told her that they will always be a connection between them, but Gillian is not sure.  Addie has to remind Gillian to think before she acts when using her powers which she needs to keep learning about.  Gillian also needs to think about what is important and she becomes overwhelmed and her relationships are affected in many ways. Annie Rodriguez has written ayoung adult fantasy novel for young adults but adults may like it as well.  She has written a story of short chapters that keep the story moving.  She is a writer of a story that would make a good discussion on dealing with a family death that affects the kinds of relationships one may have in their life.  Annie is a show-and-tell kind of writer; as I was reading, I could visualize the characters and the scenes as if I were watching a movie or television show.  I read this book in one sitting because I wanted to know if Gillian would make the right decision for her.  ‘Lifeforce‘ is a lifeforce and I cannot wait for a sequel if possible.

2019ISBN:  978-0-9994995-3-5Green Writers Press227 pages


Sixteen-year-old Gillian Cassidy couldn’t save her mother. That was the day immortality lost its appeal. Eight years later, and now a powerful witch in her own right, Gillian has an unwanted visitor haunting her dreams: Sean, her first love. He’s immortal, thanks mainly to her, and seems determined to be with her for eternity. Has she created a monster?

Scared and desperate to escape her nightmares, Gillian must rely on her friends for help. Should she turn to Addie, her mom’s best friend, and a short-tempered vampire? Or should she consult Forrest Wolfe, a lycan who’s looking more handsome every day? Gillian is in trouble, and this time, magic can’t fix it

Lifeforce’s sequel, Immortality’s Peril, is already in the works as well!

About the author

Annette “Annie” Rodriguez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and started to write consistently when she was in tenth grade. As her writing and creative imagination progressed over the years, Annie became confident enough to share her work and create her own characters to go with these magical plots, and alas, the first draft of Lifeforce was born.

Fast forward what felt like endless revisions and consultations Annie’s beloved writing project was picked up for publication by Green Writers Press and her first novel was published in February 2019! Lifeforce’s sequel, Immortality’s Peril, is already in the works!

Annie’s writing is accompanied by her impressive background as a practicing attorney, holding 2 Bachelor degrees and 2 Masters! Lifeforce was actually published during her first year of law school! A minority woman who has worked with students, Annie’s passion for writing keeps her sane in the sometimes harsh reality of training to practice law and her many other endeavors.

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