Chelsea’s Forever Garden

Laura Lamb,

     Illustrated by Mary Barrows

 Who wouldn’t want a garden like this or a place to call their own?  Laura Lamb has written ‘Chelsea’s Forever Garden’ about a little girl named Chelsea and the gift that her parents gave to her.  She, Chelsea, sees this area as a place to play and discover nature and what could happen.  Chelsea must make a few decisions on how to use this area that her parents gave her.  Does she?  Laura has used her gift of description very well for I could see this area even without Mary’s beautiful artwork.  Mary’s depiction of Laura’s words were picture perfect.  Chelsea will have to learn various aspects of growing up that Laura and Mary shows and tells.  My favorite pictures were the one’s that show the garden through the seasons and how Chelsea thinks about her garden and she can remember it and how that special area will always be a part of her no matter how old or wherever her life may take her.  All the pictures were very detailed and the words matched perfectly.In a primary classroom the teacher and class could put together their own classroom garden. This could be a science and math lesson as well as art lessons.

This beautifully illustrated story empowers children to learn that knowledge and growth are found within, and that life’s lessons sometimes reveal themselves in nature.

Imagine being given a gift beyond your wildest dreams! Chelsea is beyond excited to now possess her own plot of land on her parents’ farm! It is hers to do with as she pleases. Travel with Chelsea through the decisions she must make. Share in her delight as she spends countless days and nights watching the natural unfolding of her garden and its creatures. Walk with Chelsea as she learns the wisdom of Mother Nature. See how her special bond affects her everyday life. Until, one day, she realizes she’s lost that connection to her special garden. What happens now? Will Chelsea ever regain her feelings of joy and freedom again? Treat yourself to these pages that hold incredible insights for both the young and old. 


About the Author

Laura Lamb was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga where she has spent 41 years as an educator, both as a classroom teacher and as a tutoring business owner. Over the years, she has witnessed firsthand how stress and anxiety affect her students. Laura not only makes academics easy for her students but also empowers them to feel calm and confident throughout their day and during challenging times.

About the Illustrator

Mary Barrows is a freelance illustrator from the small town of Walkersville, MD. Since she was old enough to hold a crayon she has been drawing pictures of her favorite stories, and she hasn’t stopped yet. Her illustrations are done in a traditional style using ink, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, graphite or whatever else she can get her hands on.

2021ISBN:  978-1-7375344-0-236 pages

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