What’s that you say Dolphin Tale 2 Curriculum? Homeschool Movie Club?

The movie Dolphin Tale 2 comes out Sept 12 and Homeschool Movie Club is celebrating with HOMESCHOOL DAY Friday September 12, 2014.What’s it all about? Well the movie speaks for itself.C’mon Morgan Freeman, Ashly Judd,Harry ConnickĀ  Jr. , Kris Kristofferson !The movie itself is the sequel to the 2011 film Dolphin Tale. Sure to be a good family movie BUT! we’re here to talk about The Homeschool Movie club.

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Ok so this is going out a bit late but Friday Sept 12 will be Homeschool Day. Visit http://www.homeschoolmovieclub.com/homeschool_day to learn all about it.
What the movie club does is creat free homeschool curriculum based on popular movies. Homeschooling certainly not eashttp://www.bookroomreviews.com/wp-admin/link-manager.phpy but with Homeschool Movie Club it gets a bit easier.For example Based on Dolphin Tale 2 there are five different lessons in Video and PDF formats.
Lesson 1 . Lesson 1: Get To Know Dolphins: Anatomy and Physical Science
Lesson 2: A Day In The Life Of Dolphins
Lesson 3: Dolphins In The Ocean
Lesson 4: Aquarium Life
Lesson 5: Dolphins and Us
They’re easy to use very informative AND it’s free to join the club They use movies new and old to entertain and teach.With each movie they “suggest” they create great Homeschool Curriculum through fun Videos and again it’s FREE. Besides Dolphin Tale 2 a few others are How to Train Your Dragon – Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
War Horse and The Blind Side all great movies that have many “Learning” lessons.


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