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  We were so excited when we opened this game.   The name of the game is Jishaku which is Japanese for magnet.   The goal of the game is to place your stones while trying to avoid “magnetizing” the other stones.   One variation of the game is the “I’m out” concept.   The goal of the game is to place magnets onto the game base – without letting any magnets connect.   If your magnet connects to other magnets as you are laying it down, you must pick up what connects.   The first one to get rid of their magnets wins. Skilled players learn to use magnetic force in their favor- repelling the magnets closest to them without forcing them into other magnets. I was not one of those “skilled” players.  My husband and son beat me repeatedly.  Here are the rules of game play and a few more variations of game play with Jishaku.   There are some special tricks and tips offered on the site, too.  We loved this new game!  I was screaming each time my magnets clicked together.  There is a fun video I posted below that shows you exactly what I’m talking about.   This game is for ages 8 and up, and can be purchased here for $19.95.  Check it out, you will be glad you did!   Great family fun!  Thanks to Parent Reviewers and the makers of Jishaku!


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