What to Look for in a Preschool Provider

Making new Friends
Making new Friends

If your child is between the ages of three and five, the best time to start looking for a preschool provider is now. While all preschools often seem benign in nature, there are definitely better picks than others. These are just a few things to mull over as you narrow your search for the perfect preschool provider.

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What You Should Look For

Examine the adult to child ratio. If a class is large in size, the odds of one-on-one interaction and overall control plummet significantly. While you don’t want your child to be in an extremely smallclassroom group, you also don’t want him/her to be just another face in a group of many. Likewise, it will be harder for a large group of small children to be controlled with only 1-2 adults on duty.Double-check credentials and qualifications. These days, it’s easy to merely assume that the people you’re leaving in charge of your children have the necessary education and qualifications to do their jobs. However, confirming these credentials before enrolling your children is what will help prevent mishaps and disasters in the future. Public schools generally require bachelor’s degrees, and centers for child caregivers have various requirements.
Make a visit to the preschool before enrolling your children. Nothing beats a real-life observation when it comes to choosing a preschool provider. Take a moment out of your day to visit the preschool and tour the building. Be sure to poke your head into classrooms without disturbing the preschoollessons, and get a feel for how classes are conducted Ensure there are many activities available in the classroom. A classroom that’s filled with lots of toys and learning activities is generally a good sign of a great preschool provider. Watch out for classrooms that are bare, or don’t seem to have the resources to accommodate large groups of children. Take the time to ask the teachers what they will go over, what their favorite activities are for the children, and how they will try to help your child learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, and other things that can help give them a jumpstart for kindergarten.

Things to Avoid

 Numerous bad reviews online. In fact, avoid preschools that have bad reputations in general. Even if there’s a chance the rumors or reviews are false, it’s still a risk you don’t want to take with your children. An unsafe or dirty environment. Beware of preschools that seem grimy or unsafe. For example, leftover crumbs from lunch or a recurring lice problem are both causes for concern. This is usually a sign of careless employees, and these hazards can present a very real danger for your children.

High turnover rate for employment.

Lastly, reconsider enrolling your children at a facility with a high turnover rate. This is often indicative of problems at the upper level, something that can manifest negatively in the quality of care for your children. As a rule of thumb, avoid these facilities altogether.

Aubrey Moulton is a writer for discoverytreeacademy.com, a leading provider in safe, secure and fun Preschool for children in Utah county!

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