Do you have a fussy baby with Colic?  Colic is a common problem with babies.  This is especially true for mothers who don’t or aren’t able to breast feed.  I wasn’t able to breast feed my last baby due to health issues.  It was difficult to find a bottle that I liked that didn’t cause him too gulp too much air and cause gas. After reading about the BARE Bottle, I was excited to learn more.  I also pledged a few dollars to support BARE because I like the concept and hopefully BARE will help moms and their babies in the future.

Designed by a mom, BARE™ is a revolutionary new baby bottle that truly prevents gas and air.  Designed to work just like a mother’s breast, BARE trains baby proper latching and self-feeding, prevents bacteria, simplifies cleaning.  BARE will be available on store shelves in January 2012.  Because the development and production of BARE is being funded by the mom inventor, we hope moms will visit the BARE project page at the fund-raising site called Kickstarter.  Here, moms can support the project and be the first to receive these new, revolutionary bottles.


First production is happening in June-July-August, we’ll go thru lab tests, clinical trials, consumer testing in September-October and begin pre-distribution in January (small quantity) with retailers (relationship already established). We have received enormous help from friends and family that, like you, believe this product is amazing but we still need your help to make it a reality.

You can support this innovative baby bottle by pledging only $1.00 or more.  For your support you will get “special thanks” on their website as contributor or a gift basket of bottles and more, plus the satisfaction of helping BARE come to life.  Pledge on the BARE WEBSITE HERE. This is a great opportunity to support a great product and a mom invented business.

If you want to know more about them go to, follow on twitter @bittylab, check them out on facebook/bittylab and read the blog, a blog about “creating the perfect baby bottle and the drama to produce it.”

A NOTE TO BACKERS: Please keep in mind that BARE’s first production and testing will take a few months, expect your shipment on or before December 2011. Thanks



breastlikeWhat is BARE? Is the first to market baby bottle that mimics mother’s breast entirely–not just the nipple– from shapes & texture to movement, storage and delivery of milk. It features 2 unique patented technologies to produce a truly breast-like nursing experience 100% air-free and without vents


BARE™ Air-Free Bottle:

  • Prevents gas and air ingestion with syringe-like dispensing technology
  • Teaches baby properly latching with expanding nipple that mimics the movement of natural breast
  • Eliminates “lazy” and comfort feeding with natural, slower flow and characteristics that mimic breastfeeding
  • Simplifies bottle maintenance with snap-on one-piece nipple and collar and dishwasher-safe parts
  • Prevents bacteria by minimizing backwash
  • Promotes self-feeding by allowing baby to drink from any position
  • Supports your values by being made in the USA, BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalate free and supporting green corporate initiatives

disclosure: I was provided a gift card for participation and this post is  my own honest opinion of the product.

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